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bluefoxmobi.com is the leading premium advertising network in the Middle East.

Executive Summary

Integrated on leading regional and international publishers, bluefoxmobi.com offers advertisers guaranteed viewable impressions and exclusive ad locations on premium publishers.

On the other hand, Publishers take advantage of our state of the art technology to increase their revenues through our direct sales, our programmatic private marketplace, and our mediation capabilities.
Founded in May 2011, headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon with offices in Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, KSA.

bluefoxmobi.com is strategically located to serve the Middle East region at large.

Management Team

Hikmat is an executive board member at OMT (Western Union agent in Lebanon). He holds a law degree, and masters in Lebanese private Law. In addition, he achieved an MSC in Management studies with an emphasis in capital markets from ISG – Business School in Paris in 2006. He left to Toronto – Canada where he accomplished an intensive year with Western Union being the arab diaspora manager for the state of Ontario. Hikmat is also a Strategic Advisor and Partner at Al Ahli Investment Group, a wealth management platform providing capital markets' services.
Maud is the managing Director at bluefoxmobi.com, with 12 years of experience in mobile technology and a deep mobile marketing knowledge on both the technical and the commercial sides. She worked as a technical engineer at Alfa, one of the mobile operators in Lebanon, and promoted to quality of service manager at the age of 26. Founded bluefoxmobi.com in 2011, and managed its expansion to 3 main markets a year later. Succeeded in turning a startup to a profitable medium enterprise in 3 years only. She enjoys challenges, pitfalls, and their respective lessons learned and her current focus is on building bluefoxmobi.com’s brand as the leader in the mobile advertising industry in the region. She holds a bachelor of engineering in Computer and Communications and a Master in Economics, both from Notre Dame University and is a mother of a lovely 7 years old daughter.
Fahed has over 10 years of marketing and communication experience in the Middle East region. His broad experience includes Print Media, Event management, broadcasting, youth marketing, luxury marketing, PR & production. The companies that he toiled for between Beirut and Dubai include; Sty-list catalogue, Zen TV, Beirut Marathon Association, Zee broadcasting network, and the Seventh Art boutique agency, where his most notable achievement has been the brand launch of Nakheel Harbour & Tower. His most recent 2011 project in Lebanon was the development of the market understanding study of Novo ePay, an international mobile payment solution.
Johnny started his career in the telecommunication industry. He holds a BE in Computer and Communication Engineering from USEK. After 7 years of experience at one of the leading mobile operators in Lebanon (Alfa), where he started as Radio Engineer and was promoted to Head of RAN Planning Unit, he decided to move to bluefoxmobi.com and be part of the exciting world of mobile advertising. Johnny is a real leader mixing technical and management skills; he manages multi tasks projects with tight delivery schedule, he is a team player and rarely loses focus.


At bluefoxmobi.com we are proud to exclusively represent a fantastic selection of mobile's finest regional media owners. Our publishers’ relationships and internal creative team allow for superior levels of integration, sponsorship and creativity.

premium Publishers

Easy Sdk

AdMarvel is the de facto the ad server for the world’s largest mobile publishers with media giants like CBS, Hearst, Conde Nast and Gannett on the platform. We leverage the technological know-how from Opera Mediaworks for the benefit of our advertisers and publishers.


Our mediation tool automatically channels site traffic towards top performing ad networks and select (low priority) direct campaigns. This can lead to higher revenues by first filling ad requests with the highest eCPM rate.


Creating private marketplaces & programmatic direct deals, bluefoxmobi.com Exchange OMAX connects leading brands to premium mobile app & web publishers at scale on a global basis.

Monetization Solutions

bluefoxmobi.com’s Ad Specifications are guidelines for mobile ad format development, including information about dimensions, file sizes, file formats, animation and asset delivery.

Download the full document



From high-impact targeting options, to broadest reach and deep campaign analytics, bluefoxmobi.com provides everything you need to bring mobile into the marketing mix.



Reach qualified, localized customers by geo-targeting them in real time with mobile ads based on their location, the time of day, and other contextual factors that comprise bluefoxmobi.com’s hyper-local mobile advertising solutions.

Audience Profile

Using Opera Mediaworks state of the art audience management platform AMP, and our affiliated 3rd party vendors, custom audience segments can now be created and targeted in one stop shop to align with your brand & campaign objectives.

App Detect

Our hero solution that bluefoxmobi.com is proud of, particularly with click to download campaigns. This state of the art feature showed very high performance and very low CPI.

Sequential Retargeting

Delivers different creative in a progressive sequence based on consumer’s expressed engagement. Sequential retargeting starts with a large pool of consumers (run of network) and ends with a much smaller, qualified pool of engaged users.


Reach at Scale

With around than 700M monthly direct ad requests on regional Arabic and international publishers who implemented bluefoxmobi.com SDK, we reach 22M unique users.

100% Transparency

We work with sites and apps people know and trust, that provide an ad environment worthy of top brands. Inventory that is not remnant. Targeting that’s the perfect blend of art and science. we are as much about making an impression as leaving one.

Performance Solution

Create, manage and scale successful lead generation campaigns Vast mobile display network and army of trusted affiliates across wide array of market verticals, with multiple pricing options.


We provide brand safe, fraud free and guaranteed viewed impressions.


Contact Details

Contact Details

phone-icon Phone 1: +84 888161486
Phone 2: +6562625226
location-icon Locations:

- Address 2: 9 Pandan Road
Singapore, 609257

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